Reliance Manufacturing

                Our Vision
Be the supplier of choice in our market segments.     Our Mission    

                                                         Delight our customers.          Our Quality Policy

                                                                                                                    Do not make, build, accept or ship a defect.


Reliance Capability

n  Reliance Machine Company is a full service machining and assembly facility specializing in both long and short term production runs as well as service and prototype operations. We currently have: 27 CNC lathes (up to 30 inch. dia), 55 CNC Horizontal and Vertical Mills( most with pallet changers and full fourth axis capable of machining up to 30” cube), CNC OD Grinding, Double Disc Grinding, Gun Drilling and ID Broaching.   In addition, we have 11 assembly cells capable of force over distance press force monitoring, air decay monitoring, spin force monitoring, as well as complete traceability through part serialization.

n  We also have a full line of conventional equipment and a complete tool room where all fixtures, jigs, gauging fixtures and much of our special tooling is produced in house. This allows us to be competitive with much shorter tooling times than most of our competitors.

Equipment Listing:

27 CNC Lathes

¨  30’ Max Turning Dia.

n  55 CNC Vertical and Horizontal Mills

¨  30” Cube

¨  4th Axis

n  Gun Drilling

n  Double Disc Grinding

n  CNC OD Grinding

n  ID Broaching

n  Conventional Equipment

¨  Fixtures

¨  Gauges

n  Assembly Equipment

¨  Promess Force Monitoring

¨  Critical Safety Characteristic 100% in-line inspection w/ individual part traceability

Dimensional Process Monitoring Capabilities:

n  7 Coordinate Measuring Machine

¨  6 Cordax Discovery CMM’s (Measure Max Software),

¨  1 Brown &Sharpe 9159 CMM   (PC Demos Software)

n  Shop Floor Surface Finish Monitoring

n  Optical Comparator

n  Lab Scope Permits Internal Calibration of Gages to Traceable Reference Standards




Engine Experience     

n  Exhaust Manifolds

¨  High Volume
n  (4,000 pair daily)

¨  Service Volume
n  (20-500 per month)

n  Intake Manifolds
¨  Service Volume
n  (20-100 per month)




Chassis Experience

n  Ball Joints

¨  High Volume

n  (8,000 pcs/day)

n  Steering Knuckles

¨  High Volume

n  (1,200 pcs/day)

n  Lower Control Arms

¨  High Volume

n  (3,800 pcs/day)

n  Wheel hubs

¨  High Volume

(800 pcs/day)


 Instrumentation Medical Devices

n  Orthopedic Instrumentation

¨  Knee Post Guide

¨  Femoral Impactor Handle

¨  Drill Guides

Cut Blocks

Large Diameter Turning

n  Spindles       

¨  Outside Dia. 28”

¨  Overall Length 24”

¨  Monthly Volume 120

n  Ring Gears

¨  Outside Dia. 26”

¨  Monthly Volume 144

Large Milling

n  Transmission Case
¨ Monthly Volume 400

¨ Hybrid Case
¨ Monthly Volume 170

 Transmission Experience

n  Borg Warner

¨  Largest prototype/off loading (peak shaving) supplier for Borg Warner

n  Chevrolet Transmission

¨  Machined significant transmission components for off loading (peak shaving)

n  Chrysler Transmission

¨  Machined significant transmission components for off loading (peak shaving)

n   Ford Motor Company   Transmission Housing








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